Helping your family through this pandemic

 Children of all ages are impacted by this health crises and it is important for them to be able to discuss it.  But parents are not always sure what their children understand or how to approach the subject. 

I hope this book can offer you guidance and serve as an anxiety-reducing, kid-empowering educational source for your children.

Mental Health During These Challenging Times

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Please take a look. I hope that it offers you some support.


I have found support for myself and my own family through these resources.  I hope that you will, too. We are all in this together.

Image by Charlein Gracia

What to look for:

Parent Guide to Helping Families Cope

Sample Activities for Kids

Children Doing Headstands

What to look for:

Parent guides for handling anxiety and behavior

Daily parenting tips via email


What to look for:

Comic strip to help older kids understand coronavirus

LifeKit Podcast support for parents